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Lifestyle consulting for those living a little left of center

Sexual anthropologist, psychologist, and sex-positive lifestyle advocate

I’m a graduate student of clinical psychology that works in the entertainment industry.

I am interested in understanding, supporting and revolutionizing the way we as a culture view sexuality. The topic of sex and sexuality seems rife with guilt, shame, judgment, etc. and I simply find this to be unnecessary and unhealthy. Furthermore, it stifles constructive and meaningful conversations that could help de-stigmatize sexuality in general and especially for those working in the sex industry.

As a woman, it’s difficult to be seen as a sexual person and a competent professional…regardless of whether or not sex is your profession.


One of my first projects aimed at promoting sex positive conversations is my web show - Coffee, Cannabis and Call Girls. This show looks at people working in fringe industries in general, not solely the sex industry, although that is definitely the emphasis and focal point, and getting a glimpse behind the scenes, behind the pomp and circumstance, if you will, in order to understand a very real industry utilized by real people receiving services from equally real and respectable people. It’s a safe container to discuss hot topics, discover the common threads of humanity that link us all, such as the common desire for connection and affiliation that we all have within ourselves, as well as unique stressors or lifestyles factors in fringe industries such as the sex industry, in an effort to help mitigate them and bridge the expansive misunderstandings that about about the sex industry at large as well as call into question our own judgments and issues within ourselves, so we can have a culture that is more accepting of the fact that we are all sexual creatures and there is no one correct or right way to express one’s sexuality.

If you would like to be interviewed for an upcoming show or get involved in some way, please contact me via the form below.


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